Continuous improvement, whether at the school or district level, is an ongoing, systemic, cyclical process. In this cycle, the results of previous efforts are examined in order to determine where to focus new efforts. 

As with any system undergoing change, staff benefit from examples, supported by research, of what work in particular circumstances. Staff also benefit from resources to help them examine, based both on observation and on data, current practices in determining next steps.

The Every Student Succeeds Act requires states to develop accountability models that meaningfully differentiate schools for supports. As part of Oregon’s commitment to strengthening school district systems, ODE will partner with school districts to better support schools in need of targeted or comprehensive supports. Below are links to additional information. (ODE, 2018) (

2018-19 Siletz Valley Schools School Improvement Plan / Title I Goals (Priorities):

  1. Improve core instruction and strengthen tiered instruction in English Language Arts and math

  2. Strengthen school-wide PBIS

  3. Increase family and community involvement and communication

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