The school provides a full-time comprehensive counseling program to 1) raise overall graduation rates, 2) reduce opportunity gaps, and 3) ensure students graduate with the knowledge and skills they need for success in a career and college. (ODE, 2018)

School counselors play a leading role in this effort by ensuring: ▪ School counseling programs embrace equity and are intentional in providing culturally responsive services to students, families, and communities; ▪ Every student receives a rigorous, relevant, well-rounded, and engaging experience; ▪ Learning is personalized and individualized for all students to acquire the knowledge and skills best suited for their next steps; ▪ Comprehensive school counseling programs are aligned to school improvement goals and have an impact on student outcomes; and ▪ Students experience successful transitions as a result of their education. (ODE, 2018)

Contact: Cassondra McDonnell at or 541.444.1100.


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